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Travel Inspiration: Floating Village on Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia


Tonle Sap lake, located just 15 km south of Siem Reap, is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. This gigantic lake that stretches its muddy waters far beyond the eye can see is literally the fish bowl of Cambodia, providing more than half the fish consumed in Cambodia to feed 3 million people per year. It is home to more than 300 species of fish and 170 floating villages with a total of 80,000 inhabitants. While fishing on Tonle Sap Lake is a dependable and respected profession, the life expectancy of a fisherman is only 54 years due to malnutrition and hazardous working conditions.

Drifting through the colorful floating villages on Tonle Sap Lake is a fascinating, if touristy and somewhat voyeuristic, way to spend the afternoon. I felt a bit like a peeping thomasina, looking in on people napping, fishing, preparing meals, tinkering in their workshops, chatting with friends, and playing basketball. Playing basketball? Yes. The floating village of Chong Kneas comes complete with a new hospital, school with a basketball court, a church, and even a karaoke bar. You have to love their priorities!


banksoftonlesap_cambodia_rebeccajarrett_travelblogger buildingfishtraps_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarrett_travelblogger childgoestoschool_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarretttravelblogger Church_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarrett_travelblogger cooking_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarretttravelblogger Couple_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarrett_travelblogger dailychores_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarrett fishnets_tonlesapfloatingvillagecambodia_rebeccajarrett_travelblogger karaokebar_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarretttravelblogger Khmerfamily_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarretttravelblogger Khmerflag_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarretttravelblogger mancanoe_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarretttravelblogger pottedplants_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarrett_travelblogger snacklady_tonlesapfloatingvillage_cambodia_rebeccajarretttravelblogger TonleSapLake_FloatingVillage_Cambodia_RebeccaJarrettravelblogger

3 thoughts on “Travel Inspiration: Floating Village on Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia

  1. I always like to see the floating villages. In Kalimantan, we had to pass the floating villages first before visiting the remote rain-forest to see orangutan and monkeys – it feels different world there. But this one, I can’t believe they even have a basketball court!!

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