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Travel Inspiration: Waking Up in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Just a three-hour bus ride from Hanoi is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ha Long Bay, the azure home for 1,200 limestone islands called karsts. The magic of Ha Long Bay is the stuff of legends. According to ancient folklore, Ha Long was the resting place of dragons sent by the gods to defend Vietnam from invaders. In fact, Ha Long translates into “where the dragon descends into the sea.” Seeing the ragged karsts rising sharply out of the water and mist, you can easily imagine dragons gliding down among them. It was so gorgeous, it was unreal to me…and exactly what pirate dreams are made of. With the numerous Chinese-style junks surrounding us on all sides and the mist thick like cannon smoke, I felt like I was in the middle of some insane pirate battle. I am plagued by a most overactive imagination and sudden flights of fancy, so when I was exploring the Surprise cave, I could almost hear the sounds of sabers striking in battle and resonating throughout the chamber. When I was paddling through fishing villages, I was imagining a string of pirates paddling behind me, hot on my trail. When I was making sea snail egg rolls, I was a slave in the ship’s galley making treats for the captain’s table. And when I was lounging on the deck of the junk taking in the gorgeous sunset, I was waiting for a cannon ball to come blasting past my head at any second. Luckily I made it out alive to share these pictures with you! 😉


Paloma_cruisehalongbay_vietnam_rebeccajarrett_travelblogger HalongbayKarsts_vietnam_junks_travelblog_rebeccajarrett halongbay_vietnam_floatingvillage_travelblog_rebeccajarrettHalongBay_womanselling_travelblog_rebeccajarrett HalongBay_junkets_beautiful_travelblog_rebeccajarretthalongbay_vietnam_travelblog_beautifulsunset_rebeccajarrett halongbay_vietnam_gorgeoussunset_travelblogger_rebeccajarrett  halongbay_sunset_beautiful_best_travelblog_rebeccajarrett Thanks for reading! Have you been to or are you considering a sail through Ha Long Bay?

13 thoughts on “Travel Inspiration: Waking Up in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

    • Thank you! I am sad because we got our better camera stolen in Vietnam with all our really good pictures on it! But the boat was really nice. We decided to spend a bit more, because we heard the cheaper boats had rats. Lol! We booked the Paloma, and it was lovely! Didn’t you love how beautiful the karsts were?! 🙂


  1. Wow, the pictures of these islands are “other worldly” and mystical. SO beautiful.

    Becca, I saw you 1st on Twitter through my photography friend Indah Susanti, and then found my way to your blog.

    I love your “about page” here and how you describe travelling as a “double-edged sword”.

    You have great insight, and I really look forward to reading about your travels. Greetings from Canada. 🙂



    • Thank you so much for your comment, Carl, and for reading! Yes, Ha Long Bay is absolutely “other worldly”–that is a fantastic description for it. I felt like I was going to sail through a thick mist and come out the other side in another century! Indah was so sweet to share my post on Twitter, and I’m lucky that she did, because I’m excited to follow your blog now as well. 🙂 xxx

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      • You are welcome Becca. Indah, is indeed so very sweet. For a person of high renown with her blog and pages in social media it amazes me. She has reblogged and retweeted some of my material, and I think WOW! What an incredible human being.

        Becca, I LOVE your blog. Reading as “the pirates were behind you, and hot on your trail” brought a smile to my face. Do continue to use that “overactive imagination” (as you describe it) to your advantage. It makes, along with these stunning photographs a VERY creative work of art. You have done an AMAZING job with your layout. I have a feeling that this has the makings of a very popular and famous blog. With dear people like Indah, to give you that exposure, it will happen. 🙂


        ~Carl~ x

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  2. I have just discovered your blog thanks to Arzotravels.com (she nominated your blog for her blogger’s award, which prompted me to come here and stop by!). I really love your style, your writing, your pictures. Ha Long Bay is definitely on my bucket list and even more so after reading your post and admiring the pictures! Yes, this is the stuff of legends… I also love the way you describe your imagination running wild, with pirates and dragons and adventures… this is exactly the way I talked about Portugal’s jagged and raw coastline on my own blog (http://www.itinera-magica.com/en/903-2/). I will be following your work!

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